Early 4th Century Italy. The Roman Empire was blessed with the 1st Christian Emperor Constantine who influenced The Edict of Milan, called the First Council of Nicaea and built the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Many Roman’s were still under the influence of heretical Pagan cults that worshiped idols and sacrificed animals and humans to demons and Satan himself. Mithraism was one of these cults and was highly influential in the Roman Army causing Roman society to decay from the inside out. 

In the early 5th Century, The Roman Empire began to steadily decline following several barbarian invasions.  The Empire’s defense had largely been turned over to Herulian foederati mercenaries who now wanted one third of Italian lands as payment. The Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, had little respect, control or influence outside of Italy. When the Emperor refused the requests of the foederati, they organized under the standard of their king Odoacer in revolt. Odoacer and the foederati were mostly Arians. While Arianism is a terrible heresy, it was more Christian than the pagan cults of the Wester Roman Empires ruling class. The decisive battle for power was waged September 2, 476 in Ravenna Italy-the heart of the Western Roman Empire. This conflict marks the time that God allowed the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Defend Us In Battle is the 1st book in the St. Michael Sword Strike Series. Set in 476 a.d. during The Battle of Ravena, Italy, Saint Michael Defend us in Battle, tells the story of two Roman foot soldiers (Michaelius and Gargano) and a Roman general (Elivo). Elivo calls on the demonic power of Mithras while Michaelius prays for God’s assistance and protection. Mithras shows up in force but so does the Archangel Saint Michael.